Project Description

Κρέμα τυριού με ανανά

Servings: 10                Serving weight: 108 g.


1 box Sweet and Balance Creme Pattisiere Vanilla Flavor
½ can pineapple packed in natural juice (280 g.)
200 light fresh cream cheese
1 box JOTIS Jelly Light Pineapple Flavor

Dissolve the JOTIS JELLY CRYSTALS LIGHT WITH PINEAPPLE FLAVOR in 200ml (1 cup) boiling water, add 100ml (½ cup) pineapple juice from the can and allow it to cool (not set). Prepare the  Creme Pattisiere Vanilla Flavor  according to package instructions. Strain 5 pineapple rounds and slice in small pieces.Add 200 gr fresh cream cheese and the cold Pineapple jelly to the ready cream .Beat for 1 minute in the mixer until the cream is uniform. Add the pineapple pieces, having reserved some for the garnish, and lightly stir . Divide the cream into 10 bowls and garnish with the pineapple pieces. Refrigerate until set.

Nutritional Information