Project Description

Κρέμα τυριού με ανανά

Servings: 10                Serving weight: 108 g.


1 sachet of Sweet and Balance Creme Pattisiere Vanilla Flavour
½ can pineapple packed in natural juice (280 g.)
200 light fresh cream cheese
1 box JOTIS Jelly Light Pineapple Flavor

Dissolve the JOTIS JELLY CRYSTALS LIGHT WITH PINEAPPLE FLAVOR in 200ml (1 cup) boiling water, add 100ml (½ cup) pineapple juice from the can and allow it to cool (not set). Prepare the  Creme Pattisiere Vanilla Flavour according to the sachet instructions. Strain 5 pineapple rounds and slice in small pieces.Add 200 gr fresh cream cheese and the cold Pineapple jelly to the ready cream .Beat for 1 minute in the mixer until the cream is uniform. Add the pineapple pieces, having reserved some for the garnish, and lightly stir . Divide the cream into 10 bowls and garnish with the pineapple pieces. Refrigerate until set.

Sweet and Balance Creme Pattisiere Vanilla Flavour is prepared with milk or alternatively, for those who wish, using one of Fytro plant based drinks (, in the same quantities as milk.

Nutritional Information