Forget about the compromises you made so far, as thanks to Sweet & Balance,  your balanced diet and special nutrition plan get an unbelievable and sweet taste through the wide variety of Sweet & Balance’s complete range of desserts.


Sweet & Balance offer  you ideas for easy, delicious, healthy and balanced desserts. All of  our recipes * are specially designed to have limited calories and fat. They are ideal for those who watch their diet or want to control their sugar input and their weight.

Clinical Studies

Sweet & Balance products, besides their delicious flavor, stand out for their high quality and scientific background. We have conducted a series of clinical studies in collaboration with reputable hospitals and universities in Greece and abroad. In addition, we acknowledge the benefits of product consumption by both adults and children, the impact on key indicators such as the glycemic index while providing with valuable data for designing new products.

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Our History

At JOTIS, we always want to offer Greek families the best possible products and to meet […]

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