Project Description

Μίγμα για κρέμα ζαχαροπλαστικής με γεύση Bανίλια

Sweet & Balance Crème patissiere vanilla flavour*: For healthy tasteful creations!

The Sweet & Balance Crème patissiere vanilla flavour, like all products of the series, has low Glycemic Index (GI), low Glycemic Load (GL) and fibres.

A new secret for modern healthy recipes: no sugar, with fibres and low fat and of course, the great taste guaranteed by the JOTIS brand. Each serving of Crème patissiere has 57 calories and 55% less fat**.

The Sweet & Balance Crème patissiere vanilla flavour instead of sugar contains extract of the stevia plant (steviol glycosides). It has natural sweet tastezero caloric value and is not being metabolized by the human body. It maintains its sweetening properties during boiling and cooking. Finally, it is recognized by the competent scientific authorities and is completely safe.

It takes only 5 minutes to prepare a fluffy tasty Crème patissiere, with which you can create amazing desserts with fibres and limited fat: fruit tarts, cheesecakes, desserts with savoiardi biscuits or cookies.

5 servings per package

*It may be introduced in a low sugar diet scheme with the guidance and the agreement of a specialist doctor or nutritionist .
**Compared to a regular Crème patissiere.

Sweet & Balance Crème patissiere vanilla flavour is prepared with milk or alternatively, for those who wish, using one of Fytro plant based drinks (, in the same quantities as milk.


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