Project Description

Επιτραπέζιο γλυκαντικό από εκχύλισμα του φυτό stevia και σουκραλόζη σε δισκία

 Sweet & Balance Tabletop Sweetener in tablets:  to conveniently carry with you everywhere you go!

The Sweet & Balance tablets, just like the entire range of Sweet & Balance sweeteners, contain extract from the plant stevia (steviol glycosides), which is not metabolised by the human body and does not contain any calories.

You can use them in your hot or cold beverages, such as coffee or tea, any time of the day, wherever you are!

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Acidity regulator: Sodium citrate, Sweetener: Steviol glycosides (from stevia plant extract) 11%, Starch, Sweetener: Sucralose 5%, Anti-caking: magnesium fatty acids.

NUTRITIONAL LABELING (Tabletop Sweetener in tablets)

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