Project Description

Επιτραπέζιο γλυκαντικό από εκχύλισμα του φυτό stevia και σουκραλόζη σε σκόνη

Sweet & Balance Tabletop Sweetener: Sweet taste not only in your coffee or tea but also in your sweet creations!

If you would like to savor the same sweetness in your brews as well as in your sweet creations but without burdening yourself with unnecessary calories, then the tabletop sweetener granulated gives you the solution.

Sweetener extracted from the stevia plant has natural sweet tastezero caloric value and is not being metabolized by the human body. It maintains its sweetening properties during boiling and cooking. Thus, it can be used in every sweet creation you may make.

Stevia plant has been used for its sweetening properties for centuries across the world. Its sweetening power is 250-300 times greater than that of sugar, meaning it can be used in small quantities while at the same time it does not cause tooth decay.

It is recognized by scientific authorities and is completely safe. Finally, clinical trials have proved that the systematic intake of sweetener from stevia plant can lower blood pressure.

It is suitable for baking and confectionery.


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