Project Description

Σοκολάτα με γέμιση Πορτοκάλι
Milk Chocolates with Praline and Strawberry with naturally occurring sweetener from the stevia plant *. The Sweet & Balance Chocolate Family Grows!
Like all products in the series, Sweet & Balance Chocolates have a low Glycemic Index (GI) and a Low Glycemic Load (GF). In addition, Sweet & Balance Chocolates are free of gluten.

JOTIS offers you a unique chocolate experience every moment of the day with Sweet & Balance Chocolates, as their small packaging allows you to take it everywhere with you. It also offers you a larger selection of flavors as you can choose one of the flavors:

  • Milk Chocolate with Praline filling (small plate 40g)
  • Milk Chocolate with Strawberry filling (small plate 40g)

You can enjoy them as snacks at home, at the office, or on your way, but also as a dessert after eating. Their quantity helps you not to “escape” from your diet plan.
Sweet & Balance Chocolates with fillings instead of sugar contain naturally-occurring sweetener from extract of the stevia plant (steviol glycosides).

Now, Sweet & Balance Chocolates with fillings will satisfy even the most discerning tastes giving the opportunity for anyone who wants a tasty snack for every moment of the day.

* It may be introduced in a low sugar diet scheme with the guidance and the agreement of a specialist doctor or nutritionist.


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