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Award for JOTIS Sweet & Balance at the 10th Sales Conference

Sweet & Balance Jotis won the Best Launch Award 2010 in the Sweets category at the 10th Sales Conference, organised by the Scientific Magazine “Sales & Marketing Review” which was held on Friday, November 19, at the Natural History Museum.

Sweet & Balance’s new generation of desserts are the first complete line of desserts that, thanks to their pioneering profile, combine a low Glycemic Index, no sugar, a low calorie content, limited fat content and fiber.

The award was accepted by Marios Papathanasiou, Commercial Director of JOTIS SA. who stated: “In today’s challenging times, the creation of these new Sweet & Balance products, which are basically a new food category, is a strategic challenge for JOTIS. Over the past 3 years we have been focusing on the launch of a product line which is innovative on an international scale. We are very proud to have created the Sweet & Balance dessert range from zero, and to offer its clear benefits to consumers.”

New Sweet & Balance desserts receiving an award is directly related to the theme of the conference, which focused on whether the introduction of new products helps companies to cope with the crisis.

Sweet & Balance, which is supported by clinical studies, implements a powerful mix of marketing techniques aimed at building its credibility and rapidly penetrating its target audiences.