Project Description

Despite the fact that the best award we could have is that our products are clear favorites with our customers, we are delighted that JOTIS Sweet & Balance chocolates keep on winning other awards! Recently, our Milk chocolate and Bitter chocolate won the award for the “Best Food Launch for 2015”, another important award given the very strong competition in the market.

The prize was awarded at the 15th annual Marketing & Sales Conference entitled “NEW ORDER FOR RETAIL AND BUSINESSES”, which took place at the Goulandris Museum, GAIA Center. The award was presented by the Director of Industry, Growth & Infrastructure at the SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, Dr. Georgios Xirogiannis.

Recently, these chocolates also received the Superior Taste Award for their taste and superior quality from the International Organisation iTQi.

The Sweet & Balance Chocolate range has recently been expanded to include five other varieties, Milk Chocolate with Almonds and filled chocolates (bitter chocolate with orange filling and milk chocolate with strawberry, cappuccino and praline fillings) so that you can enjoy an even tastier experience.

All Sweet & Balance chocolates are sugar-free and instead contain natural sweetener from the Stevia plant. They are aimed at everyone who is being careful with their diet but who wants to enjoy the rich taste of chocolate without feeling guilty – and always as part of a balanced diet.

Sweet & Balance from JOTIS. For those who live without sugar, but not without sweets!