Project Description

JOTIS and Sweet & Balance desserts had a strong presence at the events organised on Diabetes Mellitus.

The new Sweet & Balance JOTIS desserts participated in the 23rd Annual Conference of the Diabetes Society of Northern Greece and at the educational seminar entitled “Prevention and Education in Diabetes Mellitus”, which was organised by the Hellenic Federation for Diabetes (ELODI), as part of World Diabetes Day.

Sweet & Balance is a revolutionary series of desserts which, thanks to their specially designed low glycemic index and low glycemic load formula, contribute to better glycemic control and are ideal for people who want to control their blood sugar*, watch their diet or who want to diet with a view to maintaining or losing weight.

In line with the strategic development programme to be followed by JOTIS to promote the new Sweet & Balance product line, special emphasis is placed on the scientific community understanding and accepting the products for 2009, followed by Consumer Relations with a focus on special groups (obese and overweight people and those with diabetes). The peak is planned through a network of marketing actions in both the media and sales outlets in 2010” stated the President of JOTIS SA.,  Ioannis Ath. Jotis.

*with appropriate guidance and agreement from a specialist doctor or nutritionist.