Project Description

SOLID for JOTIS and for those who live without sugar… but not without sweets!

The tv advert for Jotis’ NEW GENERATION of Sweet & Balance DESSERTS WITH NO SUGAR is on air! The innovative new range of desserts with a low glycemic index has arrived to meet the wishes of all those who live without sugar, but not without sweets!

With this message as a strategic and creative platform, the spot meets 3 everyday people in their environment and … listens to their thoughts. The lens shows viewers a young man who has begun to play sports, so he is putting a “stop” on sugar, a middle-aged man who is cutting down on fat and sugar – and all his treats – and a young modern woman who, while loving sweets, always has to think about the calories. Thanks to the new generation of Sweet & Balance desserts from JOTIS, all 3 protagonists can, for the first time, enjoy sweets from chocolate to mille feuille without worrying!

This is a modern advert that takes a realistic look at life and manages to capture the optimism and innovation of the new Sweet & Balance series! It was produced by Max Productions.

The products in the series are also suitable for diabetics and are available at supermarkets.