Project Description

The much-loved JOTIS “Sweet and Balance” range of sugar-free desserts now contains the natural sweetener Stevia. The stevia plant has been used all over the world for hundreds of years. It has a natural sweet taste, is not metabolised by the human body and does not provide calories.

With JOTIS Sweet & Balance desserts, you really can enjoy a dessert every day and your diet will be even tastier – and all this without any guilty feelings! Thanks to their balanced nutritional profile – sugar-free, low glycemic index, low calorie and fat content – the products are ideal for those who are watching their diet, either for health or weight reasons, and do not want to miss out on tasty treats.

The wide variety of JOTIS Sweet & Balance desserts gives you an unlimited choice when the urge to eat something sweet strikes, and that certainly happens more than occasionally … After lunch a delightful dessert is the perfect way to finish your meal, but you can also enjoy it with your afternoon coffee or tea or with visiting friends and, of course, it is the perfect solution for irresistible children who keep on asking for something sweet. And in all these situations you know you have served up something nutritionally balanced! For everyone who loves the taste of chocolate: Milk and bitter chocolate, chocolate mousse and chocolate syrup! And if you like the creamiest desserts: Cookies & Cream Cake, Mille Feuille and Creme Caramel. For an easy solution, you can serve our Dairy Dessert or our strawberry or cherry jelly straight from the fridge. And of course, with Sweet & Balance ice cream lovers are not left out as they can enjoy their two favorite flavours – Chocolate and Vanilla!