Project Description

4 new chocolates with fillings have joined the JOTIS Sweet & Balance range of chocolates. Sweet & Balance chocolates are available in small sizes (40g) for anyone who wants to have a delicious snack at any time of the day… without feeling guilty! Their convenient packaging allows you to take them with you everywhere, and their size helps to ensure that you don’t “stray” from your diet programme.

The new filled chocolates in the JOTIS Sweet & Balance family are:

Chocolate with orange filling (small package 40g.)
Milk chocolate with praline filling (small package 40g.)
Milk chocolate with cappuccino filling (small package 40g.)
Milk chocolate with strawberry filling (small package 40g.)

Like all JOTIS Sweet & Balance products, the new chocolates are sugar free but instead contain a naturally occurring sweetener from the stevia plant*. They have a low Glycemic Index, low calorie content and limited fat content.
They are the perfect solution for those who are watching their diet but who want to enjoy the rich taste of chocolate without feeling guilty.

JOTIS Sweet & Balance chocolates, for those who live without sugar, but not without sweets!