Project Description

New arrivals in the Sweet & Balance range of desserts

Even more enjoyment and balance from JOTIS.

The JOTIS Sweet & Balance* family is getting bigger and welcoming 5 tasty new products: Strawberry Cheesecake, Mini Chocolates, Chocolate Mousse, Cookies & Cream Cake and Chocolate Syrup.

The new additions to the Sweet & Balance range of desserts give you even more choice for balanced and delicious desserts. And of course they have the same healthy profile as all the other products in the line: sugar-free, with a low Glycemic Index, fiber, low fat content and low calorie content. Finally, they promise you the great tasting treats guaranteed by the JOTIS name.

After a meal, on birthdays or celebrations, on any other special occasion or just when you feel the need for something sweet, the new additions to the Sweet & Balance dessert range are the perfect choice for those who live without sugar, but not without sweets!

In each Sweet & Balance pack you will find a useful leaflet with healthy recipes for your favorite desserts! Look out for them on the shelves of Supermarkets that already stock the well-known and much loved Sweet & Balance desserts: Mille-feuille, Cake, Creme Caramel, Vanilla Confectionery Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry Jelly and Cherry Jelly on the shelves and Dairy Dessert in the refrigerators and sucralose Table Sweetener tablets.

* It is also suitable for diabetics and can be given as part of a reduced sugar diet with appropriate guidance and agreement from a specialist doctor or nutritionist.