Project Description


The revolutionary new “Sweet and Balance” range of desserts for those who are watching their diet and their weight, and even for diabetics!
For the first time in Greece – thanks to JOTIS SA’S knowledge – people who are following a balanced or special diet, or even controlling their blood sugar, are now able to enjoy a wide variety of desserts that meet their nutritional needs. This is the new revolutionary range of desserts called Sweet & Balance which have a limited fat content, contain fiber and few calories and combine the characteristics of healthy diet with the great taste guaranteed by the JOTIS name.

“The new Sweet & Balance desserts are the result of many years of scientific research and market analysis by JOTIS’s Marketing and Research & Development Departments, and they have been introduced to meet specific needs,” said Mr. Marios Papathanasiou, Commercial Director of JOTIS SA. in his speech, continuing: “On the one hand, we have decoded the needs of specialists, who need food that acts as a tool to increase peoples’ compliance with nutrition guidelines and to minimise deviations from these guidelines. On the other hand, we have listened to the needs of special groups that want to reduce the degree of deprivation and sacrifice they feel while following specific diets, and who need diversity in their diets and are seeking healthy choices that do not have a sub-standard taste. And because dessert is the food which is associated with feelings of “deprivation, exclusion and craving” we have transferred JOTIS’s tradition and knowledge to a new category of desserts, ideal for those who are watching their diet.”

Following modern nutritional trends, Sweet & Balance is the only complete Greek range of Low Glycemic Index (GI) desserts that contribute to better glycemic control. Medical specialists and nutritionists recommend both healthy and diabetic patients to eat low Glycemic Index foods as part of a proper balanced diet.

All the products in the Sweet & Balance range show their values on the Glycemic Index on the packaging. These values were measured and certified at the University of Sydney, Australia, one of the most prestigious research centers in the world.

The innovation and health benefits of the new generation of Sweet & Balance desserts is confirmed by two Greek clinical trials carried out in two of the country’s largest hospitals: the Paidon Children’s Hospital and the Laiko Hospital.

The new Sweet & Balance series has arrived to give people who follow special diets a much wider choice of desserts, with 11 codes: Mille-feuille, Strawberry Jelly and Cherry Jelly on the shelves, Chocolate, Dairy Dessert, Cake, Creme Caramel and Vanilla Confectionery Cream ready-to-eat in the refrigerators and sucralose Table Sweetener tablets. The Sweet & Balance line will soon be enriched with tasty new products.

“With the creation of the new Sweet & Balance series, JOTIS is increasingly developing its product portfolio with new high nutritional products that meet modern nutritional needs by combining natural positive benefits for our systems. Starting from its leading and long-standing presence in children’s food, the company is turning to meet the needs of special consumer groups, without changing its values or the unparalleled taste and quality guaranteed by JOTIS”, commented the President of JOTIS SA Ioannis Ath. Jotis

The marketing of Sweet & Balance is in line with JOTIS’s strategic orientation towards products providing balanced nutrition with proven health and wellness benefits, including the recent acquisition of the FYTRO range of organic food products, the ORGANIC range of organic products and ANTHOS products.

The new Sweet & Balance range of desserts was presented at a Press Conference held on Wednesday, November 4, at King George Palace, with the following speakers:

– A. Zampelas, Deputy Professor of Human Nutrition, Human Nutrition Unit, Agricultural University of Athens. President and member of the Scientific Committee of the European Society of Atherosclerosis
– Nikolaos Tentolouris, Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of Athens
Dr Antonia Dastamani, Pediatric Endocrinologist
Dr Dimitris Ladikos, Director of Research & Development & Quality Assurance JOTIS A.E.
Marios Papathanasiou, Commercial Director of JOTIS SA.