Project Description

 Sweet & Balance, the first complete series of sugar-free desserts with a low Glycemic Index created by JOTIS, was honoured with the Innovative Product Award at the “Made in Greece” awards. Sweet & Balance desserts, which clinical studies have shown are even suitable for people with diabetes, are not just unique in Greece, but are a worldwide innovation which is registered under international patents.

This award shows that a Greek company such as JOTIS, with its long history of 83 years, can create and produce innovative, high quality products and can play a leading role in the development of food products.

“The bet Sweet & Balance set out to win was to produce a range of desserts which combined health benefits with incomparable taste and enjoyment. Our goal is to fill a significant gap in the market, and to make desserts a part of even special consumer groups’ diets. The success and recognition of an exercise like this in the Greek context is even more important as it gives us the strength to continue to try and invest in the creation of new products with a view to responding to the modern nutritional needs of consumers”, said Mr Marios Papathanasiou, Commercial Director of JOTIS SA. who accepted the award.

A few words about “Sweet & Balance”:

JOTIS Sweet & Balance is the first complete range of desserts to offer all the elements of a balanced diet: they are sugar-fee, contain stevia and fibre, have a low Glycemic Index, low calorie content and limited fat content and promise a great tasting treat. JOTIS Sweet & Balance are ideal for people who want to watch their diet, loose weight or to watch their blood sugar levels, as supported by clinical studies.