Project Description

Γλύκισμα με μήλα

Servings: 14               Serving weight: 100 gr.


1 box Sweet & Balance Creme Pattisiere Vanilla flavor
1 box Sweet and Balance Mix for Jelly Dessert Strawberry Flavor 
2 medium green apples (approximately 400 g)

Slice the apples in small pieces and place in a pan with 200ml (1 cup) water. Allow to boil for 30 minutes until soft and all liquids have been absorbed. Prepare the Sweet & Balance Creme Pattisiere Vanilla Flavor according to package instructions. Spread the apples on the bottom of a spring form pan and the Creme Pattisiere on top. Refrigerate. Prepare the Sweet and Balance Mix for Jelly Dessert Strawberry Flavor according to package instructions. Allow the jelly to cool (not set) and pour a small quantity of jelly over the cream to cover the entire surface. Put the dessert in the freezer (about 10 minutes) until it get sets . Slowly pour over the remaining jelly and refrigerate until the jelly sets again. When ready, remove from the pan and serve.

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