Project Description

Τούρτα παγωτό σοκολάτα

Portions per dessert: 14 portions              Weight of portion: 91 g


1 packet Sweet & Balance Cake Mix
1 packet Sweet & Balance Chocolate Flavoured Ice Cream Mix
15 g. (2 tablespoon) JOTIS cocoa
10 g. (1 tablespoon) brandy
120 g. (6 tablespoons) Sweet & Balance Strawberry Jam

Prepare the Cake Mix following the instructions on the packet. Put the half of the dough in a round No. 26 tin and add the cocoa and cognac to the other half of the mix and continue to beat for 1-2 minutes. Put the mix in the tin. Put a fork in the dough and use it to make circles, forming patterns with the dough. Bake according to instructions, leave the cake to cool and then remove from the tin. Cut one slice (about 1/3 of the cake) off the top of the cake, and crumble it. Put the remaining cake back in the tin and close the springs.  Prepare the Chocolate Flavoured Ice Cream Mix following the instructions using milk. Add the crumbled cake to the ready mix and stir with a spoon. Spread the ice cream on the cake and put the cake in the freezer to freeze. Once frozen, take out of the tin and spread Strawberry Jam on top the top.


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