At JOTIS, we always want to offer Greek families the best possible products and to meet consumers’ needs immediately. In early 2000, we realised that more and more people were interested in desserts that met the requirements of a healthy diet, and that the Glycemic Index had become the emerging trend in healthy nutrition around the world.

After many years of research and making use of our extensive experience and knowledge in producing sweets, we created Sweet & Balance products. This was a very proud moment for us, as we had succeeded in marketing the first complete range of desserts which met all the requirements of a healthy diet and which had a low glycemic index, were suitable for diabetics, and had been certified by clinical trials and registered under an international patent!

Sweet & Balance is ideal for those who live without sugar, but not without sweets as:

  •  They do not contain any sugar, instead they are made with a natural sweetener extracted from the stevia plant
  •  They have a low number of calories and limited fat
  •  They are rich in fibre
  •  They have a low Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load
  • Clinical studies have certified that they are safe for consumption, and also that they provide certain benefits. These studies have also confirmed that they have a low glycemic index / load.

Up then, only some individual sugar-free products have been available on the market. With Sweet & Balance, we wanted to give not only high-quality products to those who avoid sugar, but also to let them enjoy choosing between a range of many different products.

At JOTIS, we are extremely proud that we are continuing to take a leading role in developments by offering new flavours and pioneering ideas to the public and managing to take desserts off the “forbidden list” of various consumer groups. We are particularly pleased about the progress of the Sweet & Balance range which, in recent years, has stood out for its innovation, quality and taste among other things.