Project Description

With sweetening substances we are able to follow a balanced low calorie diet easier, without sacrificing the pleasure of sweet tastes. Sweeteners such as ‘steviol glycosides’ the extract of stevia plant with zero caloric value do not affect the blood sugar levels to a great extent and are used in many different foods, providing solutions to individuals who watch their diet, want to lose weight or avoid sugar for health reasons.

Stevia is an all-natural alternative to sugar, which is the main sweetener of the Sweet & Balance range. Its sweetening power is 250-300 times greater than that of sugar, a fact that allows its use in very small quantities. Stevia is recognized by competent scientific authorities and is completely safe. It is recommended in diets for weight management and blood sugar levels control and does not promote tooth decay. Additionally clinical trials have shown that the systematic intake of sweetener from stevia plant can lower blood pressure.